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Sign Now: Don’t give away Utah’s public lands to private companies

While the nation is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, the Administration is quietly planning to auction off millions of acres of public land across the country to the highest bidder to drill and mine for short-term profit. Next on their list: 23 land parcels in Utah totaling over 27,000 acres of our shared public lands that will be leased for drilling and mining at the end of September.

This attack on our public lands would have catastrophic consequences, and we don’t have much time to stop it. Drilling and mining forever change the landscapes they touch, long after anyone is making money off them. We shouldn’t permanently scar our shared public lands for a temporary profit of just a few people.

Please help us pressure BLM Acting Director Pendley to stand up and say NO to oil and gas leasing on Utah’s public lands now!

These leases would allow for oil and gas drilling on Utah’s public lands for an entire decade — with the potential to irreparably harm lands that you, me, and all other Americans own. And worse, leases could be extended beyond ten years based on the Bureau of Land Management’s discretion.

Public lands are our shared resources and natural history. They contain some of the most beautiful terrain in North America, support our iconic wildlife, and provide an opportunity for every citizen to experience and learn about our natural world. We cannot allow the Administration to place these special lands — lands that belong to all of us — into the hands of oil and gas companies to pillage for short-term profit.

Sign the petition today and tell BLM Acting Director Pendley that you want to protect our public lands from exploitation — not facilitate their permanent destruction.

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RE: Don't give away Utah's public lands to private companies


I am extremely disappointed that the Administration is planning to auction off public land in Utah to oil and gas companies to drill and mine for short-term profit. Public lands not only play a vital role in conserving our environment, protecting wildlife habitat, and supporting millions of jobs - but they also take on a whole new meaning for many of us during this pandemic by becoming a place to relax and a respite from anxiety.

We have entrusted our public lands to you - please do all you can to preserve our public lands and stop the leasing of public lands to companies to drill and mine. I urge you to keep these public lands public, to ensure Americans can experience nature and these unique places for generations to come.

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