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Dir. Pendley: Say no to oil drilling on Carrizo Plain

Carrizo Plain National Monument in Southern California is under attack. The Bureau of Land Management approved an oil well and pipeline project to run through the middle of this national treasure.

No oil drilling has occurred in Carrizo Plain since it was established as a national monument back in 2001. Allowing an oil well and pipeline project in Carrizo Plain not only goes against what our national monuments stand for, but also sets a dangerous precedent that oil wells and pipelines should be allowed on these protected areas across the nation.

Carrizo Plain is home to tremendous diversity and richness of plants and wildlife and is best known for spectacular super blooms, which paint the landscape in gold and purple. Drilling for oil and building a pipeline in this breathtaking place could irreversibly harm threatened and endangered species, cause air pollution or oil spills, and ruin the scenic views that visitors come from all over the country to experience first-hand.

Please help protect Carrizo Plain by urging Director William Perry Pendley to reverse the decision to allow an oil well and pipeline through this treasured landscape.

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RE: Reverse decision on oil and gas drilling in Carrizo Plain


Our national monuments help define who we are as a nation by telling the story of our historical, cultural, and natural heritage. I am extremely disappointed that an oil well and pipeline have been approved to go through Carrizo Plain National Monument. This decision puts this national treasure at risk of oil spills, pollution, and damage to threatened and endangered wildlife. I strongly urge you to reverse this decision.

To attack one national monument by allowing oil drilling and a pipeline is an attack on them all. It sends a signal that protections for our shared history and culture are negotiable, setting a terrible precedent. Carrizo Plain National Monument should be protected in its entirety for future generations to enjoy - as a national monument, it is a gift that belongs to all Americans.

I am firmly opposed to this effort to put an oil well and pipeline through this diverse ecosystem. Carrizo Plain is a unique place that benefits everyone, and needs to be protected for future generations. I urge you to support Carrizo Plain by reversing the decision to allow oil and gas on this precious landscape.

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