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Sign now: Urge Congress to protect our public lands from exploitation

Despite the growing importance of these shared spaces to families from all walks of life, public lands are facing an unprecedented threat. Powerful politicians and special interests are working to convert public lands to private profit.

Our public lands are our shared resources and natural history. They encapsulate some of the most beautiful terrain in North America, support our iconic wildlife, and provide an opportunity for every citizen to experience and learn about our natural world.

To protect our public lands from exploitation, we need to be sure that Congress listens to us — the people who love and care for our special landscapes — and not the private interests that seek to permanently scar our shared lands for a temporary profit. Please help show widespread support for public lands by telling your members of Congress that you want to protect public lands from exploitation — not facilitate their permanent destruction.

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RE: Don't give away our public lands to private industry


I care deeply about America's natural heritage, and I know you do, too. We are entrusting our public lands to you, and I urge you to stand strong against attacks on our public lands from those who want to sell them off for private profit.

Please do all you can to preserve our public lands and reject any measure that attempts to sell these lands to the highest bidder. The American people support the protection of our natural areas, which safeguard our water supplies, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities. I urge you to keep public lands public, to ensure Americans can experience nature and the special places that preserve our country's history.

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