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Congress: Protect our public lands

President Trump’s recently proposed budget virtually eliminates funding for America’s most successful conservation program.

This attack would have catastrophic consequences. Without funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, many of our country’s most revered national parks and wild lands simply would not exist.

We need activists like you to put as much pressure as possible on Congress to fight this devastating budget cut and pass legislations to protect public lands, permanently.

We're fighting to get the LWCF permanent funding, protect our national monuments, lower the barriers to getting outside, secure funds for climate-smart parks and trails, and to prevent the sale of public lands to private companies — but we can't do it without your help. There are powerful politicians and special-interest lobbyists working against us at every turn. Please stand with us in our fight by adding your name today.

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RE: Support pro-public lands bills 

I am extremely disappointed in recent attacks on public lands, including President Trump's proposed budget that would virtually eliminate the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and attempts in Congress to gut the Antiquities Act. These attacks display a disturbing disregard for our environment and the public lands used for recreation by millions of American families. I support the following public lands bills so that our nation's special outdoor spaces will be preserved for generations to come:

The Land and Water Conservation Fund Permanent Funding Act: For the past 55 years, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has protected over 45,000 state and local park projects in all 50 states. This bill needs to pass in order to ensure President Trump's proposed cuts for the Fund do not pull the rug out from efforts aimed at supporting outdoor spaces.

Antiquities Act (of 2019): I am deeply opposed to any attempt to gut the Antiquities Act, which was signed into law to protect lands of historical, scientific, and cultural significance. The Antiquities Act of 2019 should be passed to ensure the Act, and these special outdoor spaces, are protected for years to come.

America's Public Land Act: Putting our public spaces in the hands of private companies goes against the very concept of public lands. I support the America's Public Land Act so public lands stay in public hands.

Outdoors for All Act and the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Grant Program Act:
100 million Americans don't have a green space close to home. Access to the outdoors provides climate resiliency, improves public health, and builds social capital. I support both of these bills, which will lower the barrier to getting outside, and fund climate-smart parks and trials across the country.

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