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Congress: Protect national scenic trails from development

Our national scenic trails encompass some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. But some of our scenic trails cross private land and could be blocked, gated, or closed off entirely to the public. If we don’t act now, these special places will likely be lost to development, irreparably scarring them forever.

Sign now and urge your members of Congress to pass the Complete America's Great Trails Act, which will prevent irresponsible development, protect public access to pristine wilderness, provide outdoor recreation opportunities, and conserve habitat by helping to close the gaps in our national scenic trails!

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RE: Support the Complete America's Great Trails Act


I am writing to express my strong support of the Complete America's Great Trails Act to give tax credits to people who donate their land to help complete our country's national scenic trails.

National scenic trails were created to provide access to recreational opportunities in our country's extraordinary landscapes - from the enchanting Appalachian Trail in the east to the Pacific Crest Trail in the west. It's thanks to this trail system that these beautiful landscapes are conserved so we can prevent reckless development, protect habitat, and enjoy them for generations to come.

We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to preserve these special places. Therefore, I urge you, as my representative, to support the Complete America's Great Trails Act today.

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