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Reverse this national park disaster

Trash is spilling over trash bins. Human waste is overflowing toilets, and is now on roads and trails. Illegal parking and off-roading has created new paths over endangered wilderness areas. Protected trees have been vandalized, cut back, and destroyed.

The government shutdown has created a crisis in our national parks, and it needs to end now.

Send your message to the Trump Administration: For the safety of our parks—and their visitors—close all national parks immediately until they can be fully staffed and maintained.

Since the government shutdown began, roughly two thirds of our national parks have remained open to visitors—with no staff or resources to protect them from irreparable harm.

The health and safety of visitors, as well as the long-term integrity of our national parks are at stake! We need everyone who cares about our national parks to take action now.

Call on the Trump Administration to close our national parks until full funding for staff is available so we can protect them for generations to come.

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RE: Close our national parks


I am writing to ask that you immediately close all of our national parks for the duration of the government shutdown. As a result of the shutdown, many of our national parks are closed to visitors. But a significant number remain open - operating without the staff and resources needed to protect them - and visitors - from irreparable harm.

Millions of people visit national parks every year, and the federal government has a responsibility to care for their health and safety. Yet during this shutdown, human waste and trash has been piling up on roads and in campgrounds. These are unacceptable and dangerous conditions. Hundreds of people suffer injuries in national parks every year, and operating the parks without search and rescue staff is also unacceptable.

The federal government also has the responsibility to steward national parks so they are available to future generations. There are already reports of attempted poaching and theft of historical resources. Allowing access to national parks without taking care to steward those resources is irresponsible and could result in irreversible damage to these special places.

You have a responsibility to the public to protect our national parks from harm. Please do the right thing and close our national parks immediately until full funding for staff is available.

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