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Urge Congress to Pass Community Schoolyards® Legislation


With schoolyards nationwide becoming increasingly unsuitable for outdoor activity, we need your help now more than ever before. Many schoolyards remain dreary expanses of pavement, rendering them too hot for children to play safely. These asphalt schoolyards not only contribute to rising temperatures but also exacerbate flooding issues in our communities.

Urge your members of Congress to prioritize creating schoolyards that cool neighborhoods, manage stormwater, and provide opportunities for kids to connect with nature.

By taking action, you will receive important updates about our work and how you can help Trust for Public Land protect public land and parks for people.

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Re: Pass Community Schoolyards® legislation


I urge you to pass Community Schoolyards® legislation, a vital step toward addressing the urgent challenges our communities face. As we grapple with issues such as severe heat, catastrophic flooding, and limited access to nature, we must take proactive steps to mitigate these impacts.

Currently, many schoolyards are composed of heat-absorbing asphalt, exacerbating the heat island effect and contributing to flooding problems, especially in underserved areas. Community Schoolyards® projects offer a viable solution by transforming these spaces into resilient, nature-rich environments for kids and communities. By integrating green infrastructure such as permeable surfaces, native vegetation, and strategically placed trees, these schoolyards can effectively mitigate heat, reduce flooding, and promote biodiversity.

Moreover, Community Schoolyards® projects present a unique opportunity to educate and empower future generations about environmental stewardship. By fostering a connection to nature early in their lives, children gain a deeper understanding of climate change and its implications, motivating them to advocate for sustainable practices in their communities and beyond.

Research demonstrates that spending time in nature can significantly alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. Yet, it's alarming that the average child spends less than 10 minutes a day engaged in outdoor unstructured play, with many lacking access to nature in both their communities and at school.

Given these concerns, I urge you to prioritize the passage of Community Schoolyards® legislation. By doing so, we can protect our children and communities, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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