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Every community should have equitable access to nature. Across the country, local trails connect people to nature, recreation, schools, workplaces, and their broader neighborhood.

That’s why, with your advocacy, we are working tirelessly to plan, design, and create trails across the country. With careful planning and local collaboration, we will establish new trails in 50 communities by 2025, creating or connecting 1,000 miles of trails and greenways.

While much of this vital work is happening in communities across the country, some of it is also taking place in Washington, D.C. You can help connect people to nature and to each other: transform the future of our trails by sending a letter to your members of Congress today!

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RE: Connect America's trails

To [Decision Maker], 

As an avid supporter of public lands and your constituent, I urge you to connect America's trails and expand access to nature.

Every community should have equitable access to urban, suburban, and rural trails that connect people to nature, schools, recreation, workplaces, and their broader neighborhood. Therefore, I urge you to support legislation that secures the future of trails that our communities need.

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