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President Trump: Commit to protecting our public lands

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s review of national monuments is over and the results are devastating. He has recommended to President Trump to eliminate protections for some of our most precious places, including Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante and Cascade-Siskiyou National Monuments, a blow to millions across the country who care about public lands.

This review has been troublesome right from the start– politically motivated and clearly in support of an anti-public lands agenda. From day one, there have been no clearly stated criteria for the proposed reductions, making the whole exercise seem arbitrary and capricious. Now, the full list of national monuments affected is being strongly guarded by The Administration.

We hoped it would never come to this. In recent weeks, the Interior Department has received 2.7 million public comments on the national monument review, which is more than the Department has received for any proposed action in its 168-year history. Instead of listening to the American people, Secretary Zinke has passed this outrageous attempt at stealing public lands for the good of private profit on to President Trump and his Administration.

The Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 affirmed that only Congress has the authority to modify national monuments, but nothing is safe under the Trump Administration. Tell President Trump to ignore this illegitimate review and uphold protections for these beautiful places.

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Commit to Protecting Public Lands

Dear President Trump, 

I am extremely disappointed by Interior Secretary Zinke's review process and proposed changes to any of our national monuments. Americans spoke out during the national monument review and more than 2.6 million public comments were in support of these special places. Instead of listening to the American people, the review was skewed to a politically motivated and clearly anti-public lands agenda.

Our public lands help define who we are as a nation by telling the story of our archaeologic history and outdoor heritage. The Administration should listen to millions of Americans who love and use our lands, and look for ways to protect more of our heritage for future generations, not less. Presidents of both parties have used the Antiquities Act to protect some of our greatest landscapes, and this attack on the Antiquities Act should not stand.

I am firmly opposed to any effort to revoke or diminish protections for any of the 27 national monuments under the original review. These unique places benefit all Americans, including future generations. I urge you to support public lands and recommend the boundaries and protections remain as they are today.

Thank you for your consideration.

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