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Congress: Uphold Protections for National Monuments

In a matter of days, the Trump Administration will decide the fate of our national monuments. Earlier this year, President Trump signed an Executive Order instructing the Department of the Interior to review all national monuments over 100,000 acres designated since 1996 by previous Presidents using the Antiquities Act. This Executive Order puts the fate of our parks and monuments in the hands of Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

No President has undertaken such a review since the Antiquities Act was created by President Theodore Roosevelt and Congress in the early 1900s. This unprecedented action is clearly an attempt to undermine the Antiquities Act, which protects national and cultural resources for all Americans and has been instrumental in protecting some of our country's most beloved cultural, natural and historical sites.

After several weeks of review, Secretary Zinke announced that he will recommend no modifications for Craters of the Moon in Idaho, Hanford Reach in Washington, Canyons of the Ancients in Colorado, Upper Missouri River Breaks in Montana, Grand Canyon-Parashant in Arizona, and Sand to Snow in California. However, he has recommended to President Trump to reduce the size of Bears Ears —and 20 other national monuments are still under review and in danger of being reduced or eliminated.

From San Gabriel Mountains to Sonoran Desert, from Grand Staircase-Escalante to Katahdin Woods and Waters, we need to make our voices heard over and over—on mountain peaks, in rolling valleys, and across the plains. Because our national monuments are under attack like never before.

Tell your elected leaders that Americans want all national monuments to be protected for future generations. Take action now!

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Protect our National Monuments

Dear Representative, 

Our national monuments and public lands and waters help define who we are as a nation by telling the story of our historical, cultural, and natural heritage. I am extremely disappointed that President Trump has signed an executive order that could undermine our national monuments and public lands. Attempts to rollback protections for national monuments are terribly misguided and I strongly urge you to reject efforts to eliminate or shrink our national monuments.

Additionally, an attempt to attack one monument by rolling back protections would be an attack on them all. Sending a signal that protections for our shared history and culture are not permanent would set a terrible precedent. This would discourage business investment and community growth around all national monuments while also sending the signal that our history and natural wonders are negotiable. National monuments have already been shown to be tremendous drivers of the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy and businesses in gateway communities rely on the permanency of these protections when making decisions about investing in these communities. Our national monuments should remain protected for future generations to enjoy --they are a gift that belongs to all Americans.

I am firmly opposed to any effort to revoke or diminish protections for national monuments. I urge you to support our public lands and waters and recommend that our current national monuments remain protected.

Thank you for your consideration.

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